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Freedom Care (Herts) has been my personal mission to be the best, give the best care, and be recognised for that.

I had worked as a carer in total for 20 years. I have worked in both domiciliary and Residential.

I have been treated good as a carer and I have been treated with no respect at all.

I have seen things in care that no one should go through and I have seen the peace when a family member passes and they have all the correct assistance in place. 

My mum was a big part in my choice to open a care agency. As I would lay with her and tell her one day I will have my own care agency and every one will be treated with dignity and respect. I would listen to my staff as they would be on the frontline, they would be a big part of the company, I would respect their input and value them.

My mum was poorly at this stage, she had been diagnosed with a rare form of Alzheimer’s PCA posterior cortical atrophy Posterior cortical atrophy (PCA), also known as Benson’s syndrome, is a rare degenerative condition in which damage occurs at the back (posterior region) of the brain.


In the vast majority of people, the cause of PCA is Alzheimer’s disease. The onset was very slow and after 6 years my mum finally got her diagnosis. My dad and I looked after my mum. We tried to find agencys to help but there was always something missing, that human contact that my dad and I had always maintained.  


My mum deteriorated and I would help whenever I could My dad become my mums carer and it was soon noticeable that they had lost the husband and wife bond it was now patient and carer.

My mum now had lewys body (hallucinations) and alien limb syndrome, this is where my mum was no longer able to use the left side of her body, never once did we give up on her.

My mum would not speak she became withdrawn and only a piece of what she one was. I lost my mum piece by piece, memory by memory the disease stole her away.

Again I tried to find help for my dad, but again it didn’t feel right, there was no connection there, so again my dad and I carried on. This is when I used to lay next to her and talk for hours, talk about anything and everything.

I knew she was still listening by the sneaky grin or wide eye stare and I then made a promise to my mum that I was going to do it. I was going to take myself back to education to get my Level 5 in leadership and management and try to get my own care agency.

My mum passed away in 2016 aged just 61. I then left my job in care and started to study for my level 5. After passing a few modules I found an office and for the next 9 months the office consisted of me, a desk and chair and a computer and I set about gathering all the information I needed to get Freedom Care registered. I started the process with CQC whilst still studying and finally on the 18th February 2019 Freedom Care (Herts) was officially open for business.

This business is my world it’s my promise to my mum. I try to be fair with everyone and give the best that I can give at all times. Everyone that works for freedom care actually cares not just about the client but their family, we come into these peoples lives to make a difference to enable that family bond not to be lost. Whilst giving the very best care that would be personal to the client.

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